October Development Update

Hi Friends,

We wanted to give an update of our current plans for development now that the Indiegogo campaign is wrapped up.

In terms of content, the funding will allow us to add an additional location and three more characters, which brings our total up to 16 locations and 37 characters. We're also planning on the following updates and additions: 

-An additional shape and special ability.
-Special character types with unusual deck compositions.
-Locations that behave differently from the places you've visited so far.
-Special event types that explore situations other than one-on-one conversations.
-Based on those situations, new ways to grow and change your deck/character.

Beyond that, we're fleshing out the narrative flow for the full game, adding a Calendar feature, polishing things up and addressing the feedback all of you have been sharing! We'll also be hiring a VFX artist to help us "juice" up the game, adding to and enhancing the visual feedback throughout the game.

We're aiming to have the next closed beta update available by mid-November, and will have more info as we get closer to that date. In the meantime, we hope you're enjoying the demo and please consider joining us on Discord to chat with the community and developers and share your thoughts and feedback!

-the Echodog team

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